The abstract number you were given when you submitted has been changed. Please follow this link to find the updated number which you will require on the day to hang your poster 


  • Posters should be portrait, AO in size and printed in colour on a single sheet for easy mounting to the poster boards.
  • Poster presentations should include: (a) introduction; (b) description of the method or technique used; (c) results obtained; (d) discussion of results; (e) conclusion/recommendation(s); (f) references; (g) acknowledgement of support –please ensure that you include funding bodies and relevant logos
  • If you cannot be in attendance, ask a colleague or friend to display your poster for you
  • All poster presenters will be responsible for mounting their own displays. Rolling the poster and transporting in a mailing tube is often the best way to transport it.
  • Posters must be collected by 2 pm on Friday 10th

The Final Date for Research Day 2018 Poster submissions to Media Services RCSI for printing is 5pm Friday 23rd February

All posters printing required after this date should be sent directly to an external supplier EG: READS

The system may accept posters submitted after that date but they will not be printed.

Anyone submitting a poster for printing by Media Services RCSI before that time must use the following link only

Anyone who does not have access to the Staff Portal can email Media Services directly.

All posters printing required after this date should be sent directly to an external supplier EG: READS