*Abstract Submission deadline has passed.  Late abstracts will not be accepted*





Before submitting an abstract please note:

  • Abstracts can be submitted only by using this portal; email submissions will not be accepted.
  • If you submit an abstract you must be available to present it in person on Wednesday the 11th of March 2020.
  • Due to space constraints this year, you may submit just one abstract.
  • There is a strict space limit for abstracts which is normally around 2000 characters for each abstract (including references).  If you have a long number of authors and affiliations however this character count may be less.  Please use the preview feature on the portal to check.
  • Please note that your PI/supervisor must first approve your abstract before you submit it and they will be notified of your submission.


  1. Open the link to the Research Day web portal https://rasp.rcsi.ie/
  2. Enter your normal RCSI webmail username and password in pop-up window which appears.
  3. Please read the instructions on the portal carefully.
  4. To upload a new abstract click +ADD ABSTRACT at the top right of the page:
    Abstract Selection
  5. There are 6 essential fields that must be filled in before you can save your abstract as a draft. They are:-– Abstract Title: Please note that all formatting will be removed after you submit the abstract (it doesn’t matter which font or text size you use, these will all be automatically standardised for print within the abstract book).– Authors and affiliations: must be in the format given in the example on the portal. If they are not the same your abstract will be returned to you to amend. To superscript you must type each number, highlight it and then select superscript from the “Formats” menu under “Inline”.- Supervisor email. Your supervisor must approve your abstract before you upload it the portal and they must be affiliated to RCSI with an RCSI email address. They will receive notification by email of your submission. If you are academic staff, please fill in your own email address.– Categories: There are 5 categories of abstracts based on your level.  Please select the most appropriate from the drop-down menu. Postgraduates have further subcategories which must be selected from that drop-down menu to proceed.– Presentation: Please select your preference for either an oral or poster presentation. If your abstract has been selected for an oral presentation, you will be notified in advance of research day.– Abstract text: Abstract text must not exceed 2000 characters (including references). If you exceed this limit you will not be able to save the abstract as a draft. All text will be formatted for publication (in terms of font and text size) but content will not be altered. Images are not permitted.If you have entered text in ALL of these six fields you can save the abstract. You can now “Preview” your abstract to see if the formatting is correct and the next time you log in you will find the saved abstract in your DASHBOARD.
  6. Adding funder logos. Saving your abstract as a draft brings up a dropdown menu to add funder logos to your abstract. You can select up to 6 funder logos.  If your funder does not appear in the list, please submit your abstract anyway and email ResearchDay2020@rcsi.com with the most up-to-date version of the logo.
  7. Declarations. Before you can submit your draft abstract you must carefully read and approve your acceptance of the 3 statements.  If you do not agree with all declarations, the portal will not allow you to submit the abstract.
    Declaration Image
  8. Abstract submission and preview. When you press submit, a pop up will remind you of four important points- please read these carefully before proceeding. You must preview your abstract before you can submit (a pdf will be generated). If the formatting is wrong in this preview you must go back and edit your abstract to correct it. If you submit an abstract with errors it will be returned to you by the research day coordinators to correct it.  If you are happy with the preview then click the submit button in the pop up.
  9. Abstract approval: All abstracts will have status pending until they are approved by the research day coordinators. You can check the status in your dashboard. You cannot edit the abstract after it has been approved but you can withdraw it up to 3 weeks before Research Day.